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The Quinn House Mission


The Quinn House, Inc. is a Christian ministry for food distribution, clothing/home goods assistance and men’s addiction recovery. Our key principles are to provide direct assistance for basic human needs; create a nonjudgmental environment where people have a positive experience and feel comfortable asking for and receiving help; and to help people change their inward focus to an outward focus through helping others. Our vision statement is that the Gwinnett County community recognizes and values the contribution of the Quinn House and other non-profits in improving people’s lives. The Quinn House ministry has a fully developed organization system and consistent resources allowing us to help more people as long as the need persists.



The mission of the Quinn House ministry is to help sustain and restore people’s lives - mind, body and spirit. Christian beliefs and values guide our work in Gwinnett County to help anyone with material and/or spiritual needs and men experiencing addiction. Our core programs involve food distribution, clothing/home goods assistance and men’s addiction recovery